Retired Doodles

These dogs are not available for adoption. Our Retired Doodles have been in the loving care of guardian homes through our Guardian Program since the time they were puppies! They have been a part of our breeding program and are now retired from our Crossfield Doodles breeding program. We love them and are thankful for the amazing lines of beautiful classy companion puppies they have given to the CFD family!



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Ginger is one of our smallest Miniatures at about 19 pounds of bright red brilliance!!  Ginger adds the perfect spice to our breeding program!  Ginger is a multi-gen Labradoodle and is a CFD 3rd generation breeder: Grandmother, Jilli Bean; Mother, Pippa Angeline.


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Pippa Angeline is a supremely soft coated miniature multigeneration labradoodle.  Her parents are Crossfield Doodles’ Jilli Bean and Geoffrey.  She is a gorgeous caramel and carries for red, apricot and parti factored.  She is surrounded by a host of grandchildren and has grown-up loved by all that encounter her engaging personality.  We are thrilled to make this girl a part of our classy mini line. 

Mary Claire - RETIRED

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This girl is just as sweet as they come!  Mary Claire is a dear!  She is a beautifully marked Brown and White Parti labradoodle.  She has produced amazing puppies for our Standard and Medium lines.

Flossie- RETIRED

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Kingsley- RETIRED

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Kingsley is a beautiful miniature labradoodle with a big personality! He is always up for a game of catch, tug of war, or chase! Kingsley loves a good chew toy and relaxing in the evening after his 4 big “brothers” have headed off to bed. His coat is very curly and has beautiful phantom markings mixed in with the black of his coloring. 

Lady Sophia- RETIRED

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Sami is the most obedient of all my breeders.  She comes when called, she goes potty on demand, she is always happy, she is a great momma, and (but) she barks!!  But we get around that – she is a love!  She is a very strong parti carrier and has produced lovely puppies in reds/whites, creams, and apricots.

Miss Jaxie- RETIRED

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Jaxie is our fun-loving, bouncy female that loves life!  She loves being a part of the pack here at Crossfield Doodles and gets along so very well with all her aunts and uncles!  She is also another crowd favorite and who could resist?  Her tail is always up and she’s excited to greet any visitor here at CFD!

Jaxie has a wonderfully soft curly-to-wavy coat.   For now, Jaxie is enjoying the good life with her guardian family in Southeastern PA.  She enjoys walks, plays with her human brother and sister and is working on her manners!  Miss Jaxie produces gorgeous puppies for our medium line.

Maggie Grace- RETIRED

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Maggie Grace is 30 pounds of pure joy! She has a thick, wavy/curly coat and is a multigenerational labradoodle. Her parents are Maitland and Russell. Maggie Grace loves attention and belly rubs. She is incredibly smart and loves learning new tricks. Her sweet, easy going temperament also helps make her an amazing mom. She hopes to be a Certified Therapy Dog one day!

Morgan - RETIRED

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Gigi is our gorgeous miniature doodle with a beautiful soft wavy red coat. She is very smart, knows many tricks, and makes the funniest noises- almost as if she is talking to you! Gigi loves to ride in the car and go for walks. Whether you are standing, sitting, or lying down, she wants to be by your side. Gigi listens well and is very well behaved! We love her!

Phoebe - RETIRED

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Phoebe is a parti, has a small frame, long legs, a curly white coat and caramel ears and caramel around her eyes. She has the most beautiful gold “human eyes”. Phoebe is very gentle and playful with other dogs, especially puppies. She loves to play “keep away” with her toys while giving you a coy, playful look. She also loves to play “chase me” in the backyard and loves to run and zip around as fast as she can.


Brynlee- RETIRED

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Brynlee is a Standard size Goldendoodle.  She is our smallest Standard, weighing in at only 50 pounds. You will not believe how calm and pleasant this dreamy Goldendoodle girl is!  Her coat is amazingly soft, with shaggy loose wave and red highlights.  Brynlee is an absolute charmer!  You will want to take her home–but we’ll let you take one of her pups, instead!  Brynlee joined our Breeding Program in 2018.  She carries for red, cream, caramel and Parti!!  We love seeing her puppies into the homes of our treasured clients!

Brynlee and Zoe are both lovely Standard Goldendoodle girls for both our Standard and our Medium lines.  Their shaggy coats pair well with our multigen Labradoodle sires to create handsome wavy fleece; and, they also pair well with our curlier Goldendoodle sires for wavy-to-curly variety in our litter.


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You will not even believe the sophisticated elegance of this chocolate boy!  Nash has it all: excellent conformation, lush wooly fleece and a temperament that exudes the pleasing eagerness we require in our breeding doodles.  Nash is a Standard Goldendoodle and he sires standard Goldendoodles and Double Doodles for us.




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Aria is a sweetheart! Her coat is smooth, but wavy, very shiny. She is gentle with her guardian family’s young son and watches over him, yet very playful with other dogs. She loves going for walks and running around the yard. She’s spunky, a little mischievous at times, but very loyal and loving. She is so good with kids! Aria is also very passionate about treats and food.

Double Doodles


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Her names fits!  This phantom Double Doodle is a gorgeous example of the best of this emerging breed. She has the lines, coat, and markings that turn heads and get people asking, “What kind of beautiful dog is that?” Lexus’ pups are as striking as she is whether phantom or parti-color. She’s a miniature 20# doodle who fits perfectly in your lap!

Beckendorf- RETIRED