See what our clients are saying about crossfield doodles!


"This is to let you know a little bit about Clarabelle’s journey and ours with her.  She is the best dog ever!  She is now almost 9 months old, is learning so much every day, and is growing up!  She has had her spay operation, so I wanted you to know that for her record.  But I also wanted to tell you how delighted we all are with her, and how she has blessed our lives.

Clarabelle knows all sorts of things:  how to catch a ball in the air, how to retrieve a ball and bring it back to you to share, how to chew all of her soft body toys to bits, except the one she came home with, how to ring a bell at the back door when she has to go to the loo, how to only put her pee and poo in the loo (in our hedgerow, on a leash), how to eat pinecones and other things that make her sick, how to wear a muzzle so she doesn’t eat stuff that makes her sick, how to go happily to be groomed and charm everyone there, how to go away from home to the boarding kennel and not be too sad, how to sit outside on the patio on a leash and enjoy the sunshine and breezes (still learning this), how to give kisses, how to not jump on people, although that is very hard because she loves everyone, how to not chew on furniture (still learning this), how to sit, shake paw, shake other paw, stay, lie down, stay, and sit for her dinner, how to ask for a tummy rub, how to be the love of all of our lives.

So thank you for the part you have played in giving us Clarabelle.  We love her and so appreciate the tremendously good beginning you gave her."

“I did not think I could get a puppy again, and especially one like Grace. She has such a pleasant personality and loves to cuddle!”

“I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. My dog is the best dog I have ever owned and I have owned some truly amazing dogs. He is the sweetest well mannered dog in the world. We love him so much! Thank you!”

“I’m not sure how to thank you for the sweet gift of our puppy and your graciousness in working with me on the timing. I am daily astounded by the gift that you gave me. Not only is he the best companion and a wonderful dog, everyone at Crossfield was so gracious and caring as I worked through recovery.”

“I wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to welcome Georgia into our family. She is friendly, playful, smart, outgoing, and of course beautiful. We have already noticed how much getting a puppy from an excellent breeder vs. getting one from an Amish farm can turn out. This is where we got our first Golden doodle. 

“Thank you for doing it the right way! Your commitment to breeding well tempered and beautiful dogs really shows.”

“I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know that little Oakley (Allie) has been so, so wonderful and a complete DREAM! She has done so well with her potty and crate training and has slept through the night every night in her crate since we brought her home Saturday, which just a few whimpers here and there. She also will just walk into her crate during the day to nap and take time for herself. She immediately adjusted to her new home the second she walked through our doors and myself, my husband and my kids completely adore her. She had her first check up at the vet on Monday and the vet was so impressed with her demeanor and gave her an A+ report health wise! Also, I am happy to report that my son, has had no issues whatsoever with regard to his allergies and he has done nothing but love up on Oakley since Saturday. We know all of this is large in part to the time you took to match up her parents and the care that Jenny gave to all of the puppies while she had them in her home. I can't thank you all enough! Oakley is truly an amazing puppy and the perfect addition to our family!”

“Just a little note to let you know all is going so wonderful with our baby Daytona Mae! We couldn’t be happier! She has molded into our family as if she was always here with us! She is AMAZING, the only word to describe her! In the couple of days that we have had her she has filled our lives with so much joy and laughter. She is just that cute and funny ! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us such a great puppy and we are thankful for our trainer Val who did so much magic with Daytona Mae and worked with her to perfect her! We are truly grateful for everything and will surely recommend you and Crossfield to our friends and family!”

“Una is the light of our lives; she's adored by everyone she meets. Complete strangers stop to take pictures and often ask if she's real. We have referred you to more people than I can remember.”

“Wanted to send a note of major appreciation for your trainer Katie! We are so grateful you connected us with her. It has really transformed our pup in the best way possible.”