Unified Philosophy

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In the realm of dog breeding, where ethics, care, and compassion intersect, sister companies often stand as beacons of shared values and unified philosophies. At Crossfield Doodles, Crossfield Doodles down South, Crossfield Doodles West and Crossfield Doodles Gulf Coast, our commitment to ethical breeding practices forms the cornerstone of our shared identity and purpose.

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Selective Breeding for Excellence

1. All Crossfield Doodles champion the notion of selective breeding for excellence. Our breeding programs are founded on the pursuit of preserving and enhancing breed characteristics while mitigating genetic concerns. Through extensive research and careful selection, we aim to produce healthy, well-tempered, and genetically robust puppies that embody the best qualities of their respective breeds.

Humane Care and Responsible Placement

2. Beyond breeding, our dedication extends to the holistic care and responsible placement of our puppies. We prioritize nurturing environments, early socialization, and proper veterinary care to ensure that every puppy is primed for a fulfilling life. Moreover, our commitment doesn’t conclude with the sale; we extend continuous support and guidance to our clients, fostering enduring relationships built on trust and transparency.

Excellent Client Experience

3. Many breeders are great with dogs.  At Crossfield Doodles we’re not only great with dogs–we like their people too!  We provide the highest level of care and elevated client experience.  You will love all the documents, help, support and photos you receive from us!  We pinkie-PAW-promise!

While each company operates independently, our shared philosophy binds us in a mutual pursuit of excellence and integrity within the dog breeding community. Our sisterhood is not merely a bond of association; it’s a testament to our unwavering dedication to redefine ethical breeding standards. Together, we aspire to pave the way for a future where every dog bred is a testament to ethical excellence and compassionate care.

Contracts & Payments

Maintaining individual contracts with clients is a crucial aspect of ensuring transparency, clarity, and accountability for each Crossfield Doodles company in their respective operations. Each company manages their own contracts and invoices clients directly.  If a need arises to transfer from one company to another we are happy to move our clients within open reservations when possible.  Deposits can transfer upon request and client care may transfer as well. 

When it comes to delivery, each company will invoice and transport puppies to clients as agreed upon!  We work closely with each other, so should you need your puppy delivered to Pennsylvania, New York, Florida or even Utah…let us know and we will try our doodle-level best to make it happen!

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Consistency in Ethical Standards

  1. Shared Ethical Guidelines: Despite having separate contracts, both companies will ensure that their contracts align with overarching ethical principles upheld by both organizations. This alignment will emphasize the shared commitment to responsible breeding, humane care, and ethical standards.
  2. Collaborative Integrity: While maintaining separate contracts, Crossfield Doodles, Crossfield Doodles down South, Crossfield Doodles West and Crossfield Doodles Gulf Coast, will collaborate to ensure that their individual contracts comply with industry standards and legal requirements, fostering a consistent ethical framework across their operations.

Customer Communication and Support

  1. Transparent Communication: Each company will maintain open and transparent communication with their clients, explaining the contract terms, answering any queries, and providing detailed information about the ethical breeding practices and care offered.


  1. Ongoing Support: Both companies will extend continuous support to their clients, offering guidance, advice, and assistance as needed, even after the contract is signed, ensuring a positive and fulfilling experience for the clients and their puppies.
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By maintaining their own contracts, and clients Crossfield Doodles, Crossfield Doodles down South, Crossfield Doodles West and Crossfield Doodles Gulf Coast, uphold their autonomy while reinforcing their shared commitment to ethical breeding practices. Ultimately, the separate contracts underscore the individuality of each company while harmonizing with their collective goal of promoting ethical breeding and nurturing lifelong relationships between clients and their beloved doodles.