Puppy Pricing

Petite Mini & Miniature






Please Note: We always price our litters according to the predicted weight of the largest male.
Prices are subject to change. While our prices may increase periodically, if the contract and deposit have already been submitted prior to the increase, contract price is honored for the contracted litter.


The deposit cost of $500 is NON-REFUNDABLE, but can be transferred to any current or future list within either Crossfield Doodles or Crossfield Doodles down South. We accept Venmo, or a mailed personal check payment for a deposit. Deposits are placed on upcoming litters. While we do our best to place you on a litter that will meet your selection choices, please note that deposits are not made based on the gender or color of the puppy.

After your selection conversation with our Crossfield Doodles Client Manager, we will send you a contract and deposit via email to move forward with your reservation selection. Your deposit must be returned with 14 days of receipt as all reservations are held by a received deposit.

Transfer Fee:


How many times may I transfer my deposit?
We understand things come up and clients may need to transfer their deposit to another list.  While your deposit may transfer as many times as needed, we can offer you one complimentary transfer.  Subsequent requests to transfer to another list will be honored, but a $75 fee will be assessed to your balance in order to reflect office and client support work.  Additionally, clients who do not show-up for scheduled puppy picks on their litter, and who have not contacted us prior to those picks will be assessed a $75 fee should they wish to transfer their deposit after the litter turns 6 weeks of age.

$500 Deposit (applied to puppy price above) due immediately with signed contract.


First Payment (1/2 of your remaining balance), due at 4 weeks of age. Will be emailed when puppies have arrived.


Second Payment (remaining balance), due at 6 weeks of age. Will be emailed when puppies have arrived.


Training Payment, due at 8 weeks of age, prior to puppy transferring to training. Will be emailed when puppies have arrived.



Are you looking for a trained puppy?


TRAINED Reservation: $2,700 in addition to price of puppy

Our trained puppies going home at 11 weeks of age.  Click here to learn ALL about our training program and how you can apply for a trained puppy!

Please be advised that training is subject to availability. Once your puppy transfers to training, no part of your trained reservation payment may be refunded.  Our contracts with trainers must be paid according to the reservation.  We are sorry, but we will not be able to refund your training payment under any circumstance.

Additional Costs & Services


While we always recommend all puppies be picked up in person, we do understand that there may be various reasons you are unable to make the scheduled puppy going home date. In the event that you have extenuating circumstances, we may consider boarding your puppy at a cost. Please understand that this is subject to timing and availability. All arrangements must be made well in advance of home-going day.

What does boarding cost?

$75-a-day up to 3 days, $100-a-day for nights 4-7, for a maximum of 7 days.

Delivery Options:

We will schedule your litter for a going home day after the 8 weeks have elapsed. You will be notified of this date for your specific litter. We recommend that all puppies be picked-up on their home going date. However, should you need another means of pick-up and delivery, we have listed the following options for you:

Home Delivery
We prefer to deliver your puppy if you cannot make arrangements to do the pick-up in person. The delivery fee is $250 which includes delivery 30 miles from us. Any additional mile is charged at $1 for total round trip mileage.

Flight Delivery
The cost of flight delivery does vary, but in many cases, we are able to hand deliver your puppy (riding in-cabin with us) for about the same price as shipping him in cargo.  We prefer this option as it gives your puppy a much less traumatic arrival and we love to be able to hand him to you in-person!  If this option does prove to be cost prohibitive, we may agree to ship your puppy.

Shipped Delivery
Shipping prices may vary, but you can plan to pay at least $500 for this option, in addition to the price of your puppy. Shipping costs may include: additional veterinary visit for a travel certificate, boarding and care through shipping date, an airline approved travel crate with bowls, and delivery charge for airport transportation.  Puppies ship after they are 8 weeks of age.

Shipped and delivered puppies arrive with their “Going Home Packet”  Please indicate if you need to discuss delivery or shipping options with us when you fill out our online application.

Dollars and Sense

“What goes into a Crossfield Doodle?” Let’s start with the cost of owning our girls and boys. Puppies intended for breeding cost double and sometimes triple the purchase price of the same puppy intended as a pet.  Purchasing a breeder is one thing, but after we purchase, we test!  We have spent much money and time testing our breed fleet so we can make sure we are breeding genetically sound puppies.  If you have done much checking around, you know transparent genetic testing is highly recommended and not easily achieved.  See for yourself how dedicated we are to this at Pawprint Pedigrees

Next, as you can well imagine we want the healthiest puppies we can possibly provide for our customers. This means we go to the vet pretty often. Routine veterinary care as well as multiple diagnostic and genetic tests to confirm healthy breeding stock can cost between $1000-$2000/dog (boys and girls) before the first litter even arrives. After the puppies arrive there are hundreds of more dollars for vaccines, dew claw removal, and well checks. Food & treats. A dog’s gotta eat! And though some of them be little, yet they be hungry!

From the time the puppies are born until the time they go home there are numerous “little” expenses that range from whelping boxes & supplies to microchips that each puppy receives to give his/her new owner peace of mind. Sometimes a delivering female will encounter some problems, and the vet has to be contacted for a house call and an emergency c-section. We hope not, but… Top notch customer service, photography, and a social media presence you can be proud to be a part of: these are things that matter to us and matter to you.  They don’t break the bank, but the cost is something we have to consider as we price our puppies.

Our aim is to provide ongoing support to our customers. In rare instances this will mean that we will refund a customer the purchase price of their puppy. In other rare instances we will replace their puppy with another, healthier one. It’s just the right thing to do. Crossfield hopes that these brief answers explain why we and numerous other breeders price our puppies as we do. We are confident that Crossfield Doodles’ customers will get exactly what they pay for!