Puppy Pricing

2019 Pricing

Priced by size

Miniature *Doodle  $2800

Medium *Doodle  $2500

Standard *Doodle  $2200

Dollars and Sense

“What goes into a Crossfield Doodle?”

Let’s start with the cost of owning our girls and boys. Puppies intended for breeding cost double and sometimes triple the purchase price of the same puppy intended as a pet.  Purchasing a breeder is one thing, but after we purchase, we test!  We have spent much money and time testing our breed fleet so we can make sure we are breeding genetically sound puppies.  If you have done much checking around, you know transparent genetic testing is highly recommended and not easily achieved.  See for yourself how dedicated we are to this at Pawprint Pedigrees!

Next, as you can well imagine we want the healthiest puppies we can possibly provide for our customers. This means we go to the vet pretty often. Routine veterinary care as well as multiple diagnostic and genetic tests to confirm healthy breeding stock can cost between $1000-$2000/dog (boys and girls) before the first litter even arrives. After the puppies arrive there are hundreds of more dollars for vaccines, dew claw removal, and well checks.

Food & treats. A dog’s gotta eat! And though some of them be little, yet they be hungry!

From the time the puppies are born until the time they go home there are numerous “little” expenses that range from whelping boxes & supplies to microchips that each puppy receives to give his/her new owner peace of mind. Sometimes a delivering female will encounter some problems, and the vet has to be contacted for a house call and an emergency c-section. We hope not, but…

Top notch customer service, photography, and a social media presence you can be proud to be a part of: these are things that matter to us and matter to you.  They don’t break the bank, but the cost is something we have to consider as we price our puppies.

Our aim is to provide ongoing support to our customers. In rare instances this will mean that we will refund a customer the purchase price of their puppy. In other rare instances we will replace their puppy with another, healthier one. It’s just the right thing to do.

Crossfield hopes that these brief answers explain why we and numerous other breeders price our puppies as we do. We are confident that Crossfield Doodles’ customers will get exactly what they pay for!

Puppy Pricing July 29, 2015