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Our Petite Miniatures (affectionately referred to in house as our itty-bittys!) are scrumptious! As a growing number of our clients are looking for pups who can travel in-cabin or meet weight limits set by condominium rules, we’ve expanded our lines to provide a smaller option. Most Petite Miniatures will size out to the teens: 13 to 18 pounds at full growth, but some may dip a little lower (we have some who are barely 9 pounds) and others may flirt with the low twenties. We have been exceedingly choosy when saving back breeders to produce these lines, because a general observation of doodles this size is a lack of well-rounded temperaments. However, we feel that we have some of the sweetest Petites out there! We know our clients would agree!

How do I specify this size for my family?

If you have not yet filled out our online application to adopt a puppy, please do so in order to begin the process. On the application, you may indicate what size(s) you and your family are interested in adopting.

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