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Miniature doodles

The Miniature Doodle is commonly referred to as the Mini.  Mini doodles can be Labradoodle,  Goldendoodle, or Double Doodle. The size variance is most generally related to the size of the poodle infused into the first breeding with either the Golden Retriever or Labrador (F1).   Miniature Doodles range in height from 12” to 15” and in weight from 15–30 lbs. CFD has many in this size including, but not limited to: Gigi, Rosie, Phoebe Marie, and their offspring. 

Mini Doodle FAQs

Crossfield Doodle gets questions all the time about Mini Doodles. We have been ethically breeding doodles for over 5 years. Mini doodles are adorable bundles of love but families need to know what they are getting into so that they make the right decision.  Whether you are looking for a Miniature Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, or Double Doodle, we are here to provide you with the resources to make the right decision for your home.

How do I specify this size for my family?

If you have not yet filled out our online application to adopt a puppy, please do so in order to begin the process. On the application, you may indicate what size(s) you and your family are interested in adopting.

How Big does a mini doodle get?

Full grown Mini Doodles can grow to be between 16 and 20 inches in height. They typically weight between 20 to 40 pounds when they get to adulthood. Crossfield Doodle has lots of experience raising miniature doodles and we have found them to be amazing pets for families that might not have a lot of space in their home but have a huge space in their hearts. These loveable creatures are a great fit for most families. Looking to see some of the available mini doodles? Visit our Miniature Litter page to see what is available. If there aren’t any at this time, reach out to our team and inquire by filling out a contact form.


Miniature size doodle

Meet some of our Miniature moms…

Meet some of our Miniature Doodle Pups…