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We love our breeders and we think they are picture “paw”fect!

Our desire at Crossfield Doodles is to take excellent care of our breeders in order to produce the healthiest and well-tempered puppies we can possibly provide for our customers.


Hal is a wonderful boy! He loves going for walks and playing with other dogs and people. He can fetch or tug a toy but has that gentle retriever mouth. He loves to snuggle and be with everyone but also enjoys taking solo nap breaks squeezed against a wall somewhere in the laundry room. We have already breezed through Puppy 1 & Puppy 2 manner classes because of his easily trainable demeanor. We are looking forward to further dog training and possibly having him become a therapy dog as Halifax is very aware of emotions and consoles people gently. He is patient and kind and good. His glorious hair makes him look like a luxurious Sherpa rug come to life. Halifax means “Holy hair” and that’s so true when you see his glistening white locks bounce in the sunlight as he run towards you.

White and Apricot Parti
60 lbs
Soft curly

Sire: Outside CFD Breeder

Dam: Outside CFD Breeder

Paw Prints Pedigree Breeder

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“What goes into a Crossfield Doodle?” Let’s start with the cost of owning our girls and boys. Puppies intended for breeding cost double and sometimes triple the purchase price of the same puppy intended as a pet. Purchasing a breeder is one thing, but after we purchase, we test! We have spent much money and time testing our breed fleet so we can make sure we are breeding genetically sound puppies. If you have done much checking around, you know transparent genetic testing is highly recommended and not easily achieved. See for yourself how dedicated we are to this at Pawprint Pedigrees!

If no pedigree is available, we have fully tested either parents or grandparents. These are both breeders produced by us. In these cases where you know parents/grandparents, then you know that a breeder is “Clear by Parentage.

Genetic Testing

At Crossfield, we make every effort to continue to educate ourselves on best breeding practice. We use the knowledge we gain from multiple forums, including: 1) years of vet consultations with highly educated, well-practiced vets in our local area who specialize in canine reproductive health, 2) articles published by geneticists from PawPrints which speak specifically to genetic disease and canine reproduction, 3) professional peer dialogue with breeders across many breeds, and 4) independent research.

For more information on Crossfield Doodles’ practices regarding genetic testing and our breeding program, please read the below document.