Special Reserve List

In order to secure a reservation on this Special Reserve list or a specific litter list, you must first complete and submit an application.  After your application is received, you will speak to Crossfield Doodles about the Special Reserve guidelines and availability. Please see our Policies below for further information. Thank you for your understanding!

Policies & Guidelines

  1. Only clients who have submitted a deposit and returned their contract may be added to this list.
  2. Clients who have not submitted their deposit will not be offered a puppy if they have not submitted their deposit when the puppy becomes available.
  3. Clients may elect to be on Special Reserve List (SRL) AND on one other reservation list.  Clients may not be on multiple lists except in the case of adding SRL to their other reservation list.
  4. If a puppy reservation becomes available on a litter for either CFD (PA) or CFDSouth (SC) an informational email will be sent to the list which corresponds to the SIZE (puppy size with size selected on SRL).  This email will provide a link to the litter.  Clients will be given a 24 hour consideration period to let us know via email return if they would like to be transferred from SRL to the current list.
  5. We will fill available spots on other lists in the order of the SRL.  If 3 clients (#1-3 on SRL) are emailed the option for one spot, and the first refuses, and the second and third would like the spot, then, the spot will be officially offered to the second client.  The third will be notified that the second client chose the puppy.  The first and third (which will become #2 on the SRL) will then remain on the SRL and be the first and second clients offered the next available spot moving forward.
  6. If a client decides to transfer OFF of SRL to a reservation list, that client will not be allowed to remain on SRL.  If a client opts not to choose a puppy from their reservation list they may return to the SRL, but they will be given the next available pick on SRL (not their original pick # on the SRL.)
  7. Once the litter the client has made a reservation for is born, client will automatically be removed from SRL.


1. MS- Doylestown, PA

2. SY- Quakertown, PA

3. RC, Newtown, PA




Petite Mini