Our Response to COVID-19

I wanted to personally reach out to our clients and the CFD family at large and assure you of our commitment to health and wellness within our country.  As early as last week (3.8.20), we began to monitor the situation with an awareness that we may need to make adaptations to our business. Though minimal adaptations are our current plan, we must stress that the health and safety of our clients, our Guardian Homes, their families and our breeders and puppies is our chief concern.  Our leading principle for reducing risk to those mentioned above is following the guidelines of “social distancing” as strongly recommended by Global, Federal, State AND Regional authorities. It is with the principles of social distancing in mind that we are making the following adaptations within Crossfield Doodles.

At this time, we will not be allowing clients to visit personal homes.  We service a large area from CT to VA and beyond, and clients may be coming from multiple areas into one Guardian Home to make a visit.  We believe in the interest of keeping with containment and distancing, we must at this time press pause on facilitating social interactions in this manner.  We will be working to make sure we have ample video of puppies you have interest in, but we will not be allowing personal visits.

8-week going home & Trained going home/delivery
These going homes will NOT be hosted inside of our Guardian Homes at this time.  We will email your specific group with instructions particular to your litter. We are only doing 8 week going home similar to that of a carry-out (arrive, call-us and we’ll bring your puppy to you) in order to protect our guardian homes. Clear instructions will be provided to your particular litter in advance. 

The training of our puppies will continue to remain operational during this time and our trainers will be taking extra health precautions to ensure the health of their homes and your puppies. For trained going home reservations, we will be implementing a “curbside” pick up for your puppies as well. When you arrive at your pick up location on going home day, please text or call us and we will bring your puppy out to your car and provide you with all materials needed. 

Our trainers will also be providing you with ample video instruction with commands and training procedures in advance of going home, so please be monitoring your emails for updates. 

6-week picks
At this time, we are not going to be hosting picks in a Guardian home nor any location which encourages our clients to converge in a central location.  Again, we do not believe these gatherings follow with strong recommendations to practice social distancing. 6-week picks will take place with phone/video support.  Your specific litter will receive email guidance about this adapted process. Please see “Frequently Asked Questions” below for further information as well. 

As a product-based business, we have begun to re-assess and adjust plans for upcoming breedings.  Currently, we are adapting our breeding plans to reflect a slight reduction which we believe may be an appropriate adjustment.  As time passes, we may need to further reduce or increase. Our concern is to ethically only breed litters we can sell. We believe it would be negligent to continue to press ahead in the midst of this instability, without a wise consideration of each-and-every puppy in a litter.

Current clients
If you have a reservation with us, your reservation is secure!  We will continue to breed litters to provide puppies! If, however, the litter you had initially chosen will not be bred, we will contact you immediately with that new information in order to get you settled on a similar litter as soon as possible.  

New clients
We are not accepting applications received through our website until August 1, 2020.  Thank you for your understanding!

Updated 3.23.20: Our business which is designated “Agriculture: Other Animal Production” may continue physical operations.  You may view the state’s list of businesses here.  However, we have made the adjustments above to keep all of us safe.  We do not believe it is best to bring folks into private homes during this time of social distancing.  

We hope we have helped settle any questions you have as you look for a Doodle.  Our ethically raised, loved-on-and-cuddled puppies are highly sought after and do not disappoint.  Any of our clients would want me to tell you, they are worth the wait! Additionally, we excel in customer service and welcoming a family member into your home is an experience you do not want to trust to just anyone.  Our staff is eager to help you with these next steps. May you and your loved ones be safe.

Thanks for your continued patience with us as we navigate these unchartered waters!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

When do 6 week pick calls take place?

We will be contacting clients on the Friday before pick day and the original scheduled Saturday pick day. This will give you (and us) plenty of time to watch puppies mature and grow, as they begin to show more of their personalities. We will be in contact with your litter around 4-5 weeks (puppy age) with details regarding specific times on these dates. Calls may take place a few minutes earlier or later, depending on our calls ahead of you.

What about the breeder choices on our litter?

We will provide you with all of the pick choices ahead of yours at your scheduled phone time. If we do know the breeder choices earlier than your pick time, we will communicate that with you as well.

Without meeting these puppies in person, how will we know personality and temperament?

We will certainly provide you with information regarding each puppy’s personality, temperament, and any other information that will be helpful for you in making the best choice for your family! We do this at all in-person pick days and will provide you with as much detail and attention in this venue as well.   Many clients who have chosen over the phone would like me to assure you of one very important things: You have already chosen the best: Crossfield Doodles! That’s their words, not ours!  

Please continue to monitor your litter’s album for photos and videos that will help you see their personalities begin to emerge and change!

Will my pick number change at all?

It may!  For this reason, please continue to keep an eye on your litter’s page on our website to see our most up-to-date list order, as things do change from time to time. We will also communicate any changes during your pick phone call conversation.

Will my puppy be able to receive vaccinations during this time?

Crossfield Doodles guarantees that at the time of delivery, the dog will be in good health. During this time, we will make adjustments as necessary to ensure that the dog can receive all standard age-appropriate vaccines. As veterinarians can, they will be doing examinations either in office or in-house for our puppies. We have good working relationships with our veterinarians and will be making adjustments with them as necessary.

Will my dog’s declaws be removed?

We usually visit the vet on the litter’s 3rd to 5th day for dewclaw removal.   However, given our present situation, veterinarians may be limited to what services they can perform and may need to focus primarily on necessary or emergent services.  We cannot guarantee that we will be able to have this *primarily cosmetic procedure done on your litter during this time.