Lexus + Merlin

Lexus + Merlin
Miniature multi‐gen labradoodle puppies, 20 to 25# full grown
What an amazing array of colors!

Puppies ARRIVED March 21, 2017!  Puppies will be ready to go home May 20, 2017!

Two darling little girls and three little boys.  Colors will become more clear in the next few weeks.  Colors range from Merle, Phantom and Sable.

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Crossfield Doodles' Lexus

Lexus is happy to mother her puppies as well as any others that wander close to her!  She checks on her babies regularly and dotes on them with all of her attention.  Lexus’ puppies are noted for their athleticism and intelligence.  They are easily trained and constant companions to their humans!

Crossfield Doodles' Merlin

Merlin is Magical!  You have to agree!  This perfectly miniature Australian Labradoodle will make you swoon with his precious eyes, button noes and fluffy coat.  Merlin exudes happiness and all who meet him cannot contain their nearly immediate response, “Awww!  How cute!”


1. Reserved-SG, Kountz, TX
2. Reserved-CD, Sellersville PA
3. Reserved-JR, PA
4. Reserved-MW, Fanwood, NJ
5. Reserved-AD, West Hempstead, NY
6. Reserved-BM, Bethlehem, PA
We will also accept one application for the waiting list for this litter.

Lexus + Merlin March 11, 2016