Dixie + Kingsley
Puppies Expected: Fall 2019

Litter Description:

These beautiful Designer Boutique Brittany Spoodles are expected Fall 2019. Dixie is a French Brittany Spaniel and Kingsley is a curly coated Labradoodle. Colors could be a wide range including: Phantoms in chocolate/tan, black/tan, black/brown and tri-color; Parti in black and white or chocolate and white, and perhaps even reds/caramels! Brittany Spoodles will be excellent for families with an active family lifestyle. They will bond well with their human and have a high ability to train for agility or hunting. 
Puppies expected to be large miniatures/small mediums and 25-35 pounds, fully grown. Since this is a F1 breeding we would not recommend this first breeding for families with allergies until we have closely studied these coats for 6 months.  We cannot guarantee coat type or coloring.  

Price: $2,400
Going Home: Fall 2019


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Call Rochelle 267.377.5273 or submit an application to reserve one of these babies!


  • We will accept reservations for Trained Puppies.
  • We will also accept applications for the waiting list for this litter.