Brynlee + Merlin

Brynlee + Merlin
Puppies Expected: June 2018

Brynlee + Merlin

Litter Description:

Brynlee is our exquisite Standard Goldendoodle.  Merlin, our Miniature Labradoodle will sire this litter.Th ese Medium Double Doodles will be handsome!  Colors expected: Black, Black & White Parti, Merle, Black Abstract

Puppies will be medium in size ranging from 30# to 40#.  Coats will be wavy fleece.

Price: $2,400
Going Home: August/September 2018


1. Reserved- KA
2. Reserved- CE, Moorestown, NJ
3. Reserved- WT
4. Reserved- AZ
5. Reserved-  BC
6. Reserved- AF
7. Reserved- HJ
Call Rochelle 267.377.5273 or submit an application to reserve one of these babies!


  • We will accept reservations for Trained Puppies
  • We will also accept applications for the waiting list for this litter
  • We will also accept one application for the waiting list for this litter.

Brynlee + Java Chip
Puppies Expected: 2019

Litter Description

Brynlee is our exquisite Standard Goldendoodle.

Price: $2,200
Going Home: 2019