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    "Please note, Merle and Phantom are not regularly occurring colors. We can predict that we *might have this color show in a litter (based on genetic testing or parentage.) However, we cannot guarantee these colors. Additionally, if you are only interested in either of these colors, you will want to occupy a 2nd or 3rd pick on the litter of your choosing as litters are rarely, if ever, full of these choices. Merle will only affect an average of 50% of the litter. Phantom can occur less/more frequently, but the genetic testing is not readily available to predict the occurrence rate, only the *possibility.

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    Our puppies are normally reserved 4 to 6 months in advance of going home. In rare instances, we may have shifting of clients on a litter that may create an opening on a litter going home in the near future. Select all that apply.

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