Zoe + Merlin

Merle, Chocolate and Black Medium Double Doodles!!

We will expect Blue Merle, Red Merle, Chocolate and Black Medium Doodles in the Winter of 2017, with a home going in February or March of 2018!  This is a repeat breeding of a popular couple!

Zoe + Merlin

Medium Double Doodles!  40# to 50# full-grown $2400

Puppies will be ready to go home in the early Spring of 2018.

Zoe + Merlin’s past litter were such beauties!  See for yourself!

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Crossfield Doodles' Zoe-Standard Goldendoodle

Zoe knows no strangers, and she teaches her pups to be as companion driven as she is.  Her puppies are playful yet classy and exude the personality and temperament that distinguishes the doodle breed from all others.  Zoe’s coat is a silky straight coat and she passes this amazing trait on to each of her chocolate and black pups.

Crossfield Doodles' Merlin-Australian Labradoodle

Merlin is Magical!  You have to agree!  This perfectly miniature Australian Labradoodle will make you swoon with his precious eyes, button noes and fluffy coat.  Merlin exudes happiness and all who meet him cannot contain their nearly immediate response, “Awww!  How cute!”

Reservations: We will accept 2 TRAINED reservations for this list.

1. Breeder’s Choice
2. RESERVEDSB, Macungie, PA
3. RESERVED-MM, Stevensville, MD
6. Pick 6
7. Pick 7
8. Pick 8
We will also accept one application for the waiting list for this litter.
Zoe + Merlin February 17, 2017